I Can’t Take It Anymore!

I Can’t Take it Anymore!

You think you are Kim Jong Un, or Xi, or Putin, those strongmen
You think you have the right to judge and condemn
A woman who speaks her mind and stands up for herself
A woman who has courage, and dignity, and articulates well.

But you are wrong, you grumpy old men
You are living in the past with tattered old books in your hands
You don’t want to change or recognize the gender equality
You are afraid of seeing women leading our community.

So you lash out, you grumpy old men
You try to libel her when you get a chance
You try to make her feel small, to doubt and regret
You try to make her give up, quit and forget.

But you will fail, you grumpy old men
You will not break her spirit, or her strength
You will not stop her from speaking, living, and hoping
You will not stop her from being a strong woman with longings.

So listen well, you grumpy old men
You need to change your manner and your attitude now and then
You need to respect her choices, her opinions, and her insights
You need to learn from your mistakes and try to make it right.

Or else you’ll be gone, you grumpy old men
Or else you’ll be left behind with only papers and pens
Or else you’ll be forgotten that you even exist
Or else you’ll be nothing, you grumpy old men. That’s it.”

Jim Huynh
June 21, 2023

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