Yearning For Homecoming

Yearning For Homecoming

Forty years away from home —
A distant faraway land.
Clouds from Vietnam arrived,
Calling me to come home
To the place I was born.

Our old house is still there,
Waiting for me to come home.
My parents have returned to the clouds
And I’m still here, overseas,
Missing them – I squeeze my hands.

Time is like the wandering clouds;
Oblivious as they always are.
Seeing the clouds, I waved,
“Please stop flying!”
But clouds kept on drifting.

Forty years of living overseas,
I still remember the girl I loved.
The time when we were in school,
Happy, like all young lovebirds.
Now, it is me who yearns.

The old street is still there;
It seems to be waiting for me.

The old school has followed the clouds,
And my body feels weak.
Soon, I’ll be following the clouds too.

Time and clouds flew together
To visit me on this side.
Seeing the clouds, I called out,

Please stop to see me”
But clouds ignored… flying away.


Jim Huynh

April 30, 2015