Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

Whenever we received kindness in the past,
Remember the compassion that made us last.
Whenever people give us a chance to smile,
Remember to give others same reason to smile.

Remember people who gave us joy while we were dejected?
Remember to pay it forward with the utmost respect.
That’s the virtue of being human,
So others will thank us for being humane.

Remember the people who planted the fruit trees?
Remember when we begged for compassion on our knees?
Pay attention to the kindness that people share.
Gratitude is in the hearts when we say we care.

How often do we see people who need our help?
That’s the time we must not think for ourselves.
To be wealthy is something we can freely ask.
To be rich in charity is the hardest thing in the task.

Boddhisavat’s compassion is unbound.
He will bless people for their kindness round.
Building nine Buddha statues, their merits amass,
But by doing charity palms, their good deeds will surpass.

August 17, 2023

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